Letter: Rochdale politics

Date published: 02 January 2017

Dear Editor,

The last year has brought Rochdale politics to a new low.

Our MP, Simon Danczuk has disgraced the town with one thing after another. Sexting a 17-year-old, drunk and out of town when we were flooded and without power, using his tax funded office for sex with a 22-year-old, claiming (taxpayer funded) expenses he was not entitled too, caused physical harm to his ex (and was arrested) on holiday, and the rest - and he does not think he should be thrown out of the Labour Party! Really?

The local Labour Party has shown itself to be spineless and out of touch by not demanding the expulsion of the MP.

It has then gone on to demonstrate unbelievable greed by taking a 34% increase in allowances, showing total contempt for the people of Rochdale and employees of the council - and we will be suffering cuts to services to finance this greed.

Now we have the prospect of releasing green belt land for the speculators, with councillors paving the way for them to profit from the destruction of our environment. Rochdale Council leader, Councillor Richard Farenll, is the main person in the combined Greater Manchester Authority meant to bring this about.

Local parties also threaten our health service... Labour with a legacy of debt hanging over our health services - and do not think that the NHS is safe in other hands, Liberal Democrats or UKIP. These parties talk about services being free at the point of delivery but do not comment on who delivers the services. They allow for anyone from US or French firms to Virgin to provide these services. 

The solutions need to come from local people taking control. Personally, I would endorse the Green Party, but I believe that the problems are so significant that we all need to act together.

It is a shame that there are no elections this year but we should not be allowing councillors to carry on without feeling our anger towards the actions of these second rate representatives.

We should not be allowing our elected representatives to carry on 'as normal'. We need to challenge them wherever possible, questioning them and exposing their dubious, self-serving activities at every opportunity. No easy life for these self important people in their ivory tower.


Mick Coats

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