Letter: Rochdale Town Centre

Date published: 07 January 2017

Dear Editor,

Over the years I have always been reluctant to travel into Oldham to shop. However, with the advent of the Metro tram it has been much easier and dare I say it, in my opinion, its centre is far superior to Rochdale's.

On Friday, whilst in Oldham, I overheard two women discussing Rochdale and the main thrust of their conversation was that Rochdale is a dump. Further to this on Saturday, and reluctantly venturing into Rochdale, I heard a shop assistant explaining to a customer that Bury is much better than Rochdale, and that Rochdale has nothing going for it.

When I consider what the Council has done, and is proposing to do, I see nothing to entice me to promote the town. We seriously need either government intervention to investigate how the town is being managed or, alternatively, a complete change of the council.

It is a pity that people tend to vote for candidates attached to the main political parties instead of known respected individuals who are independent.

I would seriously urge the good people of Rochdale to make their opinion known ASAP before the council embarks on further inappropriate changes in addition to giving themselves a 34% allowance rise.


George Smith

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