Letter: Rank hypocrisy

Date published: 08 January 2017

Dear Editor,

I read the latest comments from Councillor Brett over Mr Hennigan and his return to our town. It is highly amusing that Councillor Brett is making issue of Mr Hennigan's place of residence.

Perhaps Councillor Brett can remind me of where Simon Danczuk comes from and where Liz McInnes resides? Oh yes, not Rochdale. Own goal there Councillor Brett.

Also speaking of nasty politics, may I remind Cllr Councillor Brett of the 'Labour Seven' and how they were treated a few years ago - now all vindicated.

Oh and lets talk about 'bananagate', where Mr Danczuk's  minions went dressed as bananas to complain about the then MP Paul Rowen expense claims. All very pale now considering the utter sleaze and false claims surrounding Mr Danczuk now. Very nasty indeed, pot calling the kettle black springs to mind now Councillor Brett.

One other thing, why did Councillor Brett jump wards this last election? Was he running scared of losing his seat and precious expenses, and now obscene wage rise, and dodging a hammering at the ballot box by being parachuted into a safe seat instead of suffering the same fate as his fellow Labour member Mr Hannant.

I suggest Councillor Brett concentrates on his new ward instead of scoring own goals in letter writing and looking rather foolish. Maybe he should get one of his party's many highly paid spin doctors to write his letters from now on.

You see why our town is in such a mess when serving councillors spend their time writing letters in a desperate attempt to throw mud whilst at the same time scoring own goals. It is like being back at play school.

Sort our town out Councillor Brett and stop wasting time mud slinging and spinning. It is embarrassing you, and more importantly our town, on the local and national stage.


Lawrence Glendinning

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