Letter: Dirty politics? Surely not

Date published: 09 January 2017

Dear Editor,

In response to Alan Brett's letter, I feel the need to point out some inaccuracies and observations.

Firstly, Dave Hennigan worked on neither the 2010 or 2015 general elections in Rochdale so where Mr Brett has that misinformation from I do not know.

Secondly, it is risible to hear Mr Brett call anyone dirty. If he would like to point out how and when the Lib Dems were dirty in 2015, then I will happily remind him of his 2014/15 literature that he delivered in Milnrow & Newhey.

Thirdly, and this is the most important here, perhaps Mr Brett has misunderstood the word 'dirty' with the word 'challenging'. With a total lack of opposition from the Conservatives in Rochdale, it is little wonder that he sees our party, with its two councillors, as a threat to Labours’ 48.

Surely this feeble attempt at mudslinging towards our campaign team is little more than saying 'hey, look over there' whilst his Labour council get on with steamrollering the most controversial policies delivered since World War II.

Surely, this accusation of dirty politics hasn’t come at time when the Council is deciding on proposals to built right across the green belt.

Surely, this accusation of dirty politics hasn’t come straight after his group voted for a 34% raise- 51% rise in the case of their leader. (Incidentally, the official figures for this will not be made available until June 2018 - one month after the next local elections so you won’t know if your councillor has taken the rise unless you ask them).

Surely, this accusation of dirty politics hasn’t come at a time when there are no local elections in 2017, and they are hoping you have forgotten about these pay increases and cuts to essential services by 2018.

Surely, this accusation of dirty politics hasn’t come just before a predicted 5% in your council tax.

At the controversial council meeting, I gave the people of Rochdale an assurance that I would not let the other 58 councillors forget their self-appointed pay increase. I can assure you that I will keep that promise.


Councillor Andy Kelly
Leader of Rochdale Liberal Democrats

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