Letter: Green belt being destroyed

Date published: 17 January 2017

Dear Editor

The recently announced plan for housing, fronted by our own council leader, demonstrates not only contempt for people, but also a complete lack of ideas.

We do need more housing, but the council is going about providing this in the wrong way.

The first option should be to identify empty houses and to make them rentable or sellable.

The next option should be to look at other property that could be rented. Flats above shops, commercial buildings, old mills, etc could be brought into the housing market.

Then brownfield sites should be considered. There are numerous small scale sites that could accommodate houses. Many have planning permission but are not being developed. Why not? These would have the advantage over greenfield sites of having existing road and infrastructure.

Where is the imagination and commitment to provide affordable housing?

It may be easier, and more profitable (for developers and the council) to build on greenfield sites but it should be the last consideration.

Proposals to destroy amenities and not replace them do not deserve our respect and we should take every opportunity to bring our councillors to account.

There might not be local elections in May but our elected representatives would be foolish to carry on treating voters with contempt.


Mick Coats

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