Letter: Say cheese

Date published: 24 January 2017

Dear Editor,

Yet again I as I read the news on Rochdale Online I see yet more ‘photo bombing’ from the resident fat cat Leader of our Council. Councillor Farnell seems to be everywhere getting where castor oil can’t.

I must admit its good to know our town has no problems or issues seeing how Councillor Farnell has all the time in the world to go and photo bomb. He clearly must have nothing to do seeing as he is spending all of his time gallivanting from photo opportunity to photo opportunity and improving his own personal standing.

I think he would go to an opening of an envelope if it meant he could get his picture out on the media pages.

Councillor Farnell should actually focus on the job he was elected for instead of photobombing and claiming credit for anything and everything going on in our town.

Oh wait that’s too much like hard work.


Lawrence Glendinning

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