Letter: It's time that political parties listened to the electorate and get on with our exit from the EU

Date published: 27 January 2017

Dear Editor,

Just what is it that our Establishment politicians don't understand about democracy? Last year parliament voted by a ratio of four to one in favour of an in-out EU referendum, with the then Prime Minister promising to abide by the result, whichever way that it went.

During the last seven months we have constantly heard from those elements of the remain side, who do not and will not accept the will of the people, how damaging it will be for us if we leave the single market, this despite our economy thriving and countries queueing up to strike trade deals with us.

Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP, Greens and many Tories are doing their best to frustrate, or even reverse, the democratic outcome, with the Lib Dems wanting a second referendum - which is exactly what the EU always does when it gets the 'wrong' result.

It is time that political parties listened to the electorate and acted on what they have been instructed to do - in this case get on with our exit from the EU.

Let us not forget that if it was not for UKIP, we would never have had the referendum which was won by the 17.4 million voters who are now being ignored by elements of the established parties who remain in complete denial.

The simple message is don’t vote for those who oppose the will of the people, vote for those who you can trust. Last June we voted for change. We are still waiting.


Philip Griffiths
North West President
UKIP (UK Independence Party)

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