Letter: Labour Party cowards

Date published: 05 February 2017

Dear Editor,

There are far too many cowards in the Labour Party who refuse to stand up for their electorate if that means going against their party's wishes.

I am referring of course to Diane Abbott MP who feigned illness to avoid having to vote against the three line whip imposed by Jeremy Corbyn on the recent Article 50 vote in Parliament.

She obviously chose to dodge the issue rather than vote against her party and the question of her allegiances needs to be asked as she was elected to represent her constituents views not the Labour Party views.

How cowwardly of her to dodge the issue and if I was one of her constituents I'd be asking questions regarding her moral fibre if she is prepared to do such a thing, and all so as not to lose her cushy seat on the gravy train.

On a local level the same accusation of cowardice could be levelled at Councillor Chris Furlong in Middleton North, who informed all and sundry that if the recent councillors' allowances vote was passed that he would refuse to take the proposed 34% increase.

All very laudable and worthy of praise, yet he too chose not to actually stand up in the Council and voice his obvious objections to the 34% raise, instead excusing himself from the vote citing personal reasons.

The single most important and controversial vote in recent living memory, where he had been a vocal critic of the proposal and yet he cried off instead of actually standing up and airing the views of those he was elected to represent.

We know that the motion was passed, and we know that Councillor Furlong was safeguarding his own seat on the local gravy train until election time next year, but the question must be asked just who are these people elected to represent? Their party or their constituents?

Like Diane Abbott, he went missing when his constituents wanted their views and opinions represented but still couldnt bring himself to go against the Labour Party.

He, like she, is a coward for dodging the issue and cannot in any shape or form claim to have represented his constituents views effectively.


David Winder

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