Letter: Eye watering car park charges to be made at Hollingworth Lake

Date published: 12 August 2017

Dear Editor,

I read of the latest eye watering car park charges to be made at Hollingworth Lake.

The reason as stated by the Council Leader, Councillor Farnell, is:

Councillor Richard Farnell, council leader, said: “Changes to long-stay parking charges, to help improve the flow of traffic, are being introduced across all car parks in the borough, including Hollingworth Lake.”

How will an huge increase in charges help flow of traffic. The only way it will help is that people will not pay the charges and not visit and we will see an decrease in traffic which will lead to a potential drop in people using the shop, etc around the area.

Is this yet more proof of Councillor Farnell anti-Rochdale business stance so often seen.

Perhaps the readers of Rochdale Online could guess what Leader Councillor Farnell means?

Also, where is the extra money revenue being spent? It is certainly not in car park and road improvement.

One last thing that sends a shiver down my spine... consultation. We all know that consultations in our borough is a misnomer and any proposal of consultation often ends in it being passed.


Lawrence Glendinning

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