Letter: Objection to the planning application regarding 58 houses on the former Dean Farm

Date published: 18 September 2017

Dear Editor,

Open letter to Rochdale Planning:

I'm writing to object to the planning application from Taylor Wimpey regarding 58 houses on the former "Dean Farm". Application number: 17/00968/Ful

The reason for the objections are as follows, please note that they are not in order of importance:

1: The need for more houses within 'Balderstone'

It has become obviously apparent that there seems to be somewhat of a housing boom within this parish (for some reason), probably as it is the last of the green space - there are some 500 houses being built in and around this area. There are many a 'brown field' sites which should be used for building, not our shrinking green space.

2: Infrastructure

Has anyone actually considered the impact on local infrastructure? Schools, doctors, amenities (green space), travel, and that is without these extra buildings

3: Wild life

It is funny that after emails to both the councillors and Taylor Wimpey there has been no redress regarding the affects of building works to this land. I have identified that this land is used for the habitat for the local bats, and that all the land based animals - and there are many as the current 'Pennine gate' development - has pushed them down (the last bit of green space).

There seems to be a lack of empathy regarding sustainable developments within all the sites I have seen and for what? A few extra pounds. I can only assume the lack of response is due in part no one having an answer, other than saying no.

You need to realise that we (humans) are not the only animals on this planet and the omission of any response is narrow minded. How are we supposed to teach our children that the environment is important when all they see is the erosion of our green landscapes? Hypocrisy is what is seen. No room for nature, no nature.

4: Flood issues

At the original hearing regarding the outline planning for the development of Dean Farm, we raised concerns over flood issues - which the council planning said wouldn't happen, but this it did at the end of 2016.

Also, as the climate is becoming wetter the risk of floods is greatly increased. Keeping the land as is absorbs a lot of the wet weather (a natural defence).

5: Pollution

The report carried out regarding noise and air pollution concluded that some of the site was above safe/legal limits and having been to the site on a busy Monday morning - you can not hear yourself speak, let alone live there, and if the wind is in the wrong direction and slow traffic from the M62 you get a lung full. The planning officer said: "Well it is up to the buyer", but the planning authority has a 'duty of care'.

6: Pumping station

There seems to be a belief that the existing pumping station will be used; this is not a good idea because we at the lower end of Gilbrook Way have had the effects of pumping station failures and we get saturated with effluent.

I implore you to consider the above, though I fear you will roll over and let them do whatever they want (as usual).

When you give your approval, please put certain mitigations to ensure the safe removal of said animals and the exclusion of any works to Sudden Brook.


John Hayward

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