Letter: Stop the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar

Date published: 18 September 2017

Dear Editor,

What is happening to the Rohingya in Myanmar right now is planned, deliberate and targeted. It is the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. It is ethnic cleansing.

Right now, thousands of Rohingya people are trying to escape the horrific conflict in Myanmar, travelling in fishing boats to Bangladesh.

Reports are flooding in of killings, rape and massacres, as satellite images show entire villages have been burned to the ground by the security forces.

Amnesty have also found evidence of a mass scorched earth campaign across the region, where Myanmar security forces and vigilante mobs are burning down entire Rohingya villages and shooting people at random as they try to flee.

Security forces have even planted internationally-banned landmines along its border with Bangladesh which have seriously injured at least three civilians, including two children, and reportedly killed one man.

Amnesty International have confirmed that at least 80 inhabited sites have been set alight by the Myanmar’s security forces and vigilante mobs. Entire villages have been burnt to the ground.

In less than three weeks, more than 370,000 people have fled Myanmar to nearby Bangladesh, making this the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. 80 percent of those fleeing are women and children, and many are badly injured.

There are reports of brutal violence and killings.

Amnesty International UK have an online petition already signed by over 35,000 supporters that demands that the Myanmar authorities:

Immediately end the armed forces’ campaign of violence and human rights abuses.
Ensure humanitarian agencies, the UN, independent journalists and human rights monitors have free and unrestricted access to Rakhine state, and ensure their security in doing so.

Concerned readers of Rochdale Online can sign the Amnesty International UK petition at:

Thank you.


Andrew Wastling

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