Letter: Rochdale land £106 per square metre - so why so few new affordable homes?

Date published: 09 October 2017

Dear Editor,

The New Economics Foundation has revealed just this week that the government is selling public land to private developers without telling us.

Their interactive map reveals: 'At £106 per square metre, land prices in our area are among the lowest 50% in the country, but a lack of affordable housing means it is still not easy to afford a home'.

Land here in Rochdale is clearly cheap, brownfield or former industrial sites, (excluding the notorious Turner Brothers site), are reasonably abundant, and need, 6,374 local households on the social housing waiting list is high.

So, what is so clearly going wrong with local social housing?

Why do we have such a major social affordable housing crisis with only 33 truly affordable homes built across the whole of Greater Manchester with just one in five homes built on sold-off public land being affordable and people begging on the streets from Piccadilly to The Esplanade in such large and visible numbers?

At a time of unprecedented housing crisis, with millions unable to afford a safe, secure place to live, selling public land makes no sense. If that land were put to public use, we could build the homes we need.

Concerned readers of Rochdale Online can add their name to the New Economic Foundations campaign against public land sales, find out the cost of land per metre where they live, see what public land near them the government is selling off and support truly local development of viable plans for affordable, community-led housing at:

Thank you.


Andrew Wastling

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