Letter: Open letter to Tony Lloyd MP - UK democracy in retreat

Date published: 13 October 2017

Dear Editor,

Open letter to Tony Lloyd MP

I liken the current state of UK Democracy, as a hurdle race where the runners are crippled by barriers erected by politicians in both central and local government, who are incapable of managing the challenges and needs of the UK and its electorate.

The effect of this has been to increase UK costs while reducing efficiency and the standard of living at the same time.

While the politicians of all parties and shades of opinion jostled for power the country and its people’s living standards have continued in decline in an accelerating downward spiral.

As a result of the Localism Act 2011, in 2012 a progressive provision in the act was to preclude the Local Government Office of Central Government from intervening in local council matters even though the minister in this case had good local knowledge having been born and raised in the Rochdale area.

This meant that the trust, broken by numerous council failures and actions over a number of years, some receiving national publicity and numerous other issues causing a lack of confidence in the council by the electorate in Rochdale, had to trust to this untrustworthy council, when an independent inquiry is what was required.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester declares no powers to act and our MP is new to the job and being of the same political party and what must be questionable experience and understanding of local matters troubling the Rochdale electorate.

Central Government has successfully shifted responsibility from Westminster to the local councils by retaining a large portion of financial resources thereby severely constraining councils and the cost of living, the electorate simply paying more for lower standards.

Local Government, the council blames the opposing political party in government and the electorate is powerless, when both give themselves a pay increase, some democracy this is.


Clive Jones

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