Letter: Councillor Farnell in 'Dream Land'

Date published: 20 October 2017

Dear Editor,

I read the latest weekly edition of "Look At Me" starring Mr Photobomb Councillor Farnell. 

I look forward to reading on Rochdale Online the self-proclaimed leader's latest spin-filled instalment, and this is really the best one yet.

I quote: ‘I genuinely believe that, bearing in mind we have faced horrendous cuts for close to 10 year now, Rochdale Borough Council is still delivering the services our residents want and need.’

Ok, we want our weekly bins services, roads free from potholes. Don’t think the leader's council is delivering there.

As for his proud statement that our beloved well-oiled machine of a council is embarking on a round of further cuts - this is an insult of the highest order.

Our council clearly can’t be that indebted when we have a spin department costing over a million a year and obscene pay rises.

How can Councillor Farnell stand there and proclaim everything is rosy in our Borough, clearly, he is now believing his own spin and PR.

I can only assume the flash from the cameras at all the photobombing he does has blinded him to the state our town is in.

So same time next week for the 'Leader's Storytime'?


Lawrence Glendinning

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