Letter: Labour councillors unique opportunity to decide new leader

Date published: 11 December 2017

Dear Editor,

Today our Labour councillors have a unique opportunity when deciding the new leader for our group and in turn the council.

They have a chance of moving away from the past and we urge they choose a candidate that can give the local party, the council and the borough a fresh start.

Both the Labour Party members and the residents of the borough will be watching their choice extremely closely and their decisions will have both personal and political repercussion for them for the future.

The wrong decision will split the local Labour Party, distance the councillors from the members and would result in almost inevitable huge loss of seats in May.

We urge the councillors to look forwards to a fresh start and not backwards with all the issues that will bring, when it comes to selecting our new council leader.

The people of this borough and the members will judge them on their actions tonight, please choose wisely.



Heyood, Middleton and Rochdale

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