Letter: Beggar's belief

Date published: 02 January 2018

Dear Editor

As the dinosaurs that run local politics try to appeal to the baser emotions of voters, let us look at positive measures rather than the spiteful and fruitless suggestions of tired and discredited politicians at Riverside.

First, fining beggars will not work, they have no money, that is why they are begging.

Secondly, why do we not look at the extent of the problem and see the best way to address it?

Is it being used to detract from the real problems, such as the abysmal market and Marks and Spencer pulling out of the town?

How many beggars and homeless are there?

How many houses owned by the council are empty?

How much property above shops is empty?

What would it cost to use these to house the homeless?

Is it more than the amount of money made available for the councillors 34% rise?

Is it more than buying in services from outside of Rochdale rather than use local talents?

What other unnecessary expenditure can we avoid with a bit of imagination?

There are local elections in May.

Do not vote for the same people.

Look at the candidates.

If they are more concerned with their own self importance and their expenses, do not vote for them.

Look for alternatives, people who will put the town first, the Green Party, independents, people who can demonstrate that they want to be a part of a better politics.

Ask what practical and positive measures and policies they have and let's have some real change.


Mick Coats

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