Letter: We have had the sloth... now we have the gluttony

Date published: 04 January 2018

Dear Editor,

In the recent juvenile spat between Councillor Winkler and Councillor Blundell it is tempting to say a 'plague on both your houses'.

'Everything you need to feed a family of four for just £3.63 - spaghetti pomodoro with basil and wholemeal garlic crostini. #HealthyChoice', tweeted Councillor Winkler last October.

'I can recommend a good number of supermarkets in the borough... did your mate set up Aldi Bury?', was Councillor Blundell's lightening fast riposte this week.

Clearly Councillor Blundell has had to trawl through months of Councillor Winkler's Twitter feed to find anything that remotely merits a response to defend him from accusations his out-of-town haircut showed wilful negligent and disloyalty to our local guild of hairdressers, blow-dryers and crimpers.

Such a shame there is nothing more pressing for both our overworked councillors to be preoccupied with in our town is it not?

Chronic affordable housing shortages, local families with no other recourse to eat but through our excellent Food bank or church run soup kitchens left without finances at Christmas due to universal credit delays, damming and rising child poverty levels, pensioner poverty, shocking levels of near beggary, isolation and destitution amongst too many of the towns mentally ill and vulnerable with unrelenting increases in council tax to pay for closed and failing council services spring instantly to mind.

One could be forgiven for wondering if any of our councillors ever walk through Rochdale town centre at all.

It would be easy in this flurry of witty badinage and repartee for us to lose track of the fact that neither councillor seems to have considered it is irony of the highest order that the only point of controversy in their exchanges was on the respective 'location' of their financial transactions.

Both seemingly totally oblivious to the fact that if £3.63 is sufficient to 'feed a family of four' then surely £9.65 per head expenses to feed just one councillor a buffet tea before Rochdale Council meetings is excessive to the point of gluttony.


Andrew Wastling


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