Letter: We voted out and out it must be

Date published: 08 January 2018

Dear Editor,

This year will be a pivotal point in our country’s history and it is vital the government ensures that the will of the people, as demonstrated in the referendum, is properly enacted.

We do not want half measures and fudging which could mean that we leave the EU in name only and are still burdened with their rules. We would have no MEPs to represent our interests. We voted out and out it must be.

We are in a strong bargaining position as we buy around £65 billion worth of goods a year more from the EU states than they do from us. We are the world’s main banking centre and foreign companies are still investing here, and will continue to do so, despite the continuing ‘operation fear’.

Next week the EU Withdrawal Bill is due for its report and third reading stages in the House of Commons and already a host of report stage amendments have been tabled. Theresa May’s government must be both wary and firm.

The passage ahead through both Houses will be stormy and littered with obstacles and I have grave doubts about the will of our government to actually achieve Brexit. There must be no turning back nor making unnecessary concessions to either opposing MPs or the EU.

Historians will look back at this time and judge the mettle of our people by what happens now. The records need to show that we fought for what we believe in and succeeded.


Paul Nuttall
North West MEP
UK Independence Party

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