Letter: Questions regarding Turner Brothers Asbestos site

Date published: 12 February 2018

Dear Editor,

At the Spotland and Falinge Area Forum on Thursday 8 February I was looking for answers with regard to the Turner Brothers Asbestos site.

I had submitted a number of questions to try to find out what progress had been made with dealing with this highly contaminated site.

The questions were:

1. Have the council contacted the owners of the site to find out when their survey on site contamination will be published? (It is now 12 months overdue)

The answer was that they had not been contacted by the owners nor had they tried to contact the owners.

2. Have the council contacted the Environment Agency to see when the owners are to be prosecuted for allowing illegal tipping of considerable amounts of rubbish on site? (This was 18 months ago)

The answer was no.

3. What, if any, actions have the council taken to obtain help nationally to resolve the problems of this site?

No answer.

4. Have councillors (for the 3 wards surrounding the site) and the MP been involved in resolving issues with regard to the site?

No answer.

5. Will the council obtain views of local residents as to their preferred future for the site?

No answer.

The questions were put in writing at the beginning of the week but no written relies were forthcoming.

Verbal replies indicated that the council had done nothing to try and deal with the site.

Waiting for replies is not good enough.

Councillors, on behalf of residents, should be actively pursuing answers from the owners and the Environment Agency.

Our councillors clearly do not see the issues with regard to this site as important otherwise they would be taking action and keeping us informed.

We have a right to expect councillors to pursue answers, not just sit back on their laurels and their 34% rise in payments from the council.

When will they learn that it's not about them, it is about the people they represent; working for and with the residents of Rochdale.


Mick Coats

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