Rochdale voted as fourth worst place to live in country

Date published: 13 December 2011

Rochdale has been ranked as one of the worst places to live in the country.

The list, compiled by Channel 4, was made following public votes. It places Rochdale as the fourth worst place to live in the country.

The top twenty worst places to live also include neighbouring Oldham, Kirklees and Blackburn with Darwen.

The list of the twenty best places to live is topped by South Lakeland and includes Pembrokeshire, Cotswold and Ribble Valley.

The Relocation, Relocation Map labelled “the best and worst places to live, as voted by you” was made after “tens of thousands of 4Homes users had their say about the towns and regions they live in or have lived in, creating a uniquely informative and constantly evolving guide to every part of the country.”

A poster called Steve, commenting on the list, said: “Born and raised in the town, just left, thank god, due to work commitments. Best thing I ever did.

“The town is littered with out of work, benefit claiming scum. More out of work than in or that’s the way it seems, you shop in the town centre, and run the gauntlet of drunken yobs, pickpockets, scallies and muggers outside the shopping centre doors.

“Nothing really I could say in a positive vein about the town. And that’s a shame really, as I hoped to be able to say I’m proud of where I was born. I was, but the way the local council have allowed the place to fall into disrepair, and failed on every level to address the yob culture which prevails in the town, prevents my chest from swelling.

“A disgrace, and well deserving of the label.”

Gary, added: “Really brings shame upon the rest of Greater Manchester. Awful place.”

Others disagree and maintain the town is a good place to live: A user called Wildy said: “Decent town with some good people. Needs regenerating but so do most towns in Northern England.”

Phil Wheatley added: “Some great buildings and beautiful surroundings, plenty of people working to improve the town, Close to Manchester (15 minutes on train) for cultural, social events etc.

“I worked for 30+ years in Rochdale schools and enjoyed (almost) every minute. Comments off supply teachers with experience throughout Greater Manchester suggest that most Rochdale schools are better than many schools in surrounding boroughs.

“I have lived here 55 years and never experienced violence as described in some of the posts.

“Too many moaners. It is up to everyone to work for the good of the town.”

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