MMA: Jonno Mears wins fight with ‘Boston Crab’ submission

Date published: 11 October 2017

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MMA fighter Jonno Mears from Castleton, made history during Full Contact Contender (FCC) 19 on Saturday 30 September with a move never-before seen in the sport: the Boston Crab.

The pro-wrestling move sees the executor, who is standing, grasp the opponent’s legs whilst he lies face down on the canvas. The opponent’s spine then locks as his back and legs are bent towards the executor’s head, forcing them to tap out of the fight.

The hold is also known as ‘The Walls of Jericho’, after WWE star Chris Jericho, who uses a modified version as his signature finish. It has never been used before in mixed martial arts.

The fight between Mears (2-0) and his unfortunate opponent, Aaron Jones, took place in Bolton, which has led some to call it ‘The Bolton Crab’ or ‘The Bury Crab’ as Mears is originally from Bury.

Video of the submission quickly went viral with well over one million views and Mears says the attention was ‘overwhelming’.

He said: “I try to put on a show with excitement, not to hurt my opponent, but showcase my skill set.

"I knew before I made my debut that no-one had thought outside the box and used that move to win before, so it was in the back of my mind but I didn’t have a chance to use it. However, for my second, it just fell into place.

"The reaction from people has blown my mind, it has been crazy.”

The father-of-two made his professional debut earlier this year against Will Cairns, winning by knockout in just 23 seconds. He currently trains with a number of world-class coaches, such as Andy Aspinall and Simon Jackson MBE.

Mears will be competing in several disciplines over the coming months, before returning to Bolton for his next MMA fight, FCC 20, in February.

He quipped: “I 100% feel like I need to keep up this image, but I just go with the flow. I stay open minded and finish the fight any way I can. There are lots of ways to win and loads of moves that have not been pulled off yet.” 

Mears is also in the process of opening his own MMA facility in Bury, a service he says is needed.

He added: “There is a gap there that’s needed. I have amazing coaches and I want to help deliver opportunities to people. I would not do it if I did not believe it was needed. There has been lots of interest so far.”

Jonno Mears wins fight with ‘Boston Crab’ submission

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