Local Election 2008

Debbie Angela Abrahams

Debbie Angela Abrahams

Milnrow & Newhey Ward

1 Kiln Gardens, Haugh Square
OL16 3RG

The last few months have been very busy listening to you and finding out what the problems are in Milnrow and Newhey. Hundreds of you have phoned, written or spent time talking with me at meetings, events or at your homes when I called.

You raised 4 key issues:

Anti-social behaviour issues

  • Inconsiderate and sometimes aggressive behaviour
  • Underage drinking
  • Damage to property
  • Noisy neighbours

Traffic issues
  • Journeys of a few miles taking nearly an hour
  • The rush hour gridlock in Milnrow, Newhey and across Rochdale
  • Safety concerns with speeding vehicles and unsafe crossing areas

Environmental issues
  • Unreliable, inefficient bin collections
  • Fly-tipping and littering
  • Dog fouling and lack of maintenance of Council-owned land and property

Care issues
  • Increase in caring demands
  • Home care services being withdrawn
  • Lack of child care, youth services and facilities after school and during the holidays


And this is what I’m going to do about them.

My ‘Top 20’ commitments to the people of Milnrow and Newhey if I am elected:

Improve community safety and reduce anti-social behaviour by:

  • Developing a ‘zero tolerance’ culture to the illegal sale of alcohol
  • Ensuring the ban on alcohol consumption on the streets is enforced locally
  • Developing a mutual ‘Respect’ agenda
  • Working with young people to provide appropriate recreational facilities
  • Working with the Police to deliver appropriate levels of neighbourhood policing

Tackle road congestion, improve road safety and promote sustainable travel by:
  • Ensuring road works are phased appropriately and don’t occur all at the same time
  • Working with the Police to monitor safety and speeding ‘black spots’
  • Ensuring the Traffic Assessments and Travel Plans of all developments are fully considered
  • Supporting the introduction of ‘walking bus’ schemes in all Milnrow & Newhey Primary Schools
  • Promoting the use of low carbon vehicles by the Council and other public services

Develop cleaner, greener communities by:
  • Reinstating weekly bin collections
  • Introducing dedicated neighbourhood clean-up teams
  • Prosecuting and fining fly-tippers and vandals
  • Introducing ‘Green’ development requirements for new housing

Provide care for all by:
  • Ensuring equity in access to health and social care based on need not means
  • Running high quality, efficient and effective public services
  • Recognising and supporting our carers, including young carers
  • Supporting parents at Moorhouse’s Sure Start Children’s Centre
  • Reviewing after school and holiday childcare provision

Improve local accountability by:
  • Involving and empowering local people in decision-making, reaffirming a public service ethos and being accountable to you

I’m asking you to vote for me on 1 May because I believe I can do a good job for Milnrow & Newhey. I have a range of skills and experience which means I will be able to represent your views, make an effective contribution to policy making and implementation, holding the Council Executive to account and driving performance up in the process which is desperately needed.

My professional background is in health. I was Chair of Rochdale Primary Care NHS Trust for nearly 5 years where I campaigned vigorously for more action to reduce health inequalities; during that time the PCT was one of the highest performing in the country.

Currently, I work as a Director of a public health research unit at the University of Liverpool, and in the not too distant past I was involved in community development work. My voluntary sector experience includes formal positions such as serving as a Governor at Moorhouse County Primary School and informal charity work and fund raising for good causes such as Sport Relief and the Christopher Clarke Cancer Research Fund.

My family and I have lived in Newhey for over 20 years and have strong connections across Milnrow and Newhey, which gives me extra drive to want to do well for my community.

If I am successful, I will ensure I am accessible and accountable to you, working with and for you to make a positive difference to your lives. I believe I have the skills, experience and values that will enable me to do this.

Local Election 2008