Heywood Bowling Club

Heywood Bowling League 2013 fixtures

2 apr   heywood bc  v reform  (h)       won   12pts   4.5pts

11 apr heywood bc  v e/ward (a)       draw   8pts    8pts

16 apr  heywood bc v b/moor (h)       won   12pts   4.pts

23 apr  heywood bc  v  gpo  (h)           lost      6pts   11pts 

30 apr  heywood bc  v  summit b         won   14pts   4pts

7 may   heywood bc  v  w/ward (h)      lost    5pts   12.5 pts

14 may heywood bc  v  hart  (a)           draw   8pts    8pts

21 may heywood bc  v   hop/un (h) lost     8 pts   10.5pts

30 may  heywood bc  v  q/park  (a)  won   14pts   4pts

4 jun     heywood bc  v  summit (c) lost      6pts     11pts

13  jun  heywood bc  v  spotland(a) won    15.5pts    3 pts

25  jun  heywood bc  v  spotland (h) won    14pts     1.5pts

4     jul  heywood  bc  v  summit  (c)   won    15.5pts  3 pts

9  jul    heywood bc    v   q/park  (h)   won   13pts   3pts

18 jul  heywood bc     v  hop/un  (a)   lost     4pts     11.5 pts

23 jul  heywood bc     v  hart  (h)        won    10pts   7.5 pts

30 jul  heywood bc     v  w/ward  (a)   won    18.5pts  1pts

6 aug  heywood bc     v  summit b (h)  won    14pts    1.5 pts

15 aug  heywood bc   v  gpo  (a)          won   17pts     2pts

20 aug  heywood bc   v  b /moor(a)      won   14pts    4pts 

27 aug heywood  bc   v  e/ward  (h)      won  11pts    6pts

5 sept  heywood  bc   v  reform (a)         won  9.5pts   7pts


the team won both the Albany Cup and the Heywood Bowling League this has only been done previously by four other teams

In the last three years the team played 64 matches losing 7 and drawing only 1

Pictured at the presentation are the Mayor of Rochdale Mr P Rush  J Mitchell  S Evans

  P Mainwaring(capt) J Smith  W Lomax  I Mitchell  M Naughton  J Mainwaring  S Verrall

also bowled in the season

T Mainwaring  J Davenport  W Etchells  S Kirkham

congratulations to all bowlers


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