Rochdale Rostrum


"If you wish to attain amazing self confidence and learn the skills to
inspire, persuade, lead and motivate people then this course is for you"

Do you worry about having to give a presentation or make a speech either at work or 
socially then Rochdale Rostrum Club can help you, whatever the reason, being a Rostrum
member will certainly give you that extra confidence.

Speaking in front of an audience is high on the list of fears for many people but by joining 
Rostrum your confidence and your ability to speak in front of a group of people will certainly improve.

The ability to communicate well is necessary in an interview situation, meeting clients, in
workplace meetings, and there will be times when you are asked to speak at a moments
notice, Rostrum training will ensure that you are well prepared.

We are a small friendly club who, in a relaxed friendly environment, learn about the various aspects of speaking which include, overcoming nerves, eye contact, voice projection, structuring a speech, microphone technique, gestures and use of notes.

We hold weekly meetings (September to March) and as the season progresses you will find that not only your confidence as a speaker will grow but you will notice a boost to your general self -confidence which in turn helps to improve your everyday life.

Rochdale Rostrum meet on Monday evenings at
The Broadfield Hotel,
Sparrow Hill, Rochdale, 
Manchester, Lancashire 
OL16 1AF
from 7.30pm
16th September 2013 to 24th March 2014

Free tea and Coffee is provided for members and guests

Contact Information

Rochdale Rostrum Club

The Broadfield Hotel
Sparrow Hill
OL16 1AF

Tel: 01706 345446

Meeting times

Mondays 7:30pm - 9:30pm


Free Tea and Coffee Provided


Where we are

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