Rochdale Rostrum

Programme 2016/17


26 September 2016

Welcome evening + introductions

Lecturer: Kevin Hawkins

Topic: Introduction


3 October 2016

Nerves, getting the butterflies in formation

Lecturer: Kevin Hawkins

Topic: Review


10 October 2016

Notes and Structure

Lecturer: Alan Williams

Topic: Reading an extract


17 October 2016

Microphone techniques

Lecturer: Alan Warrington

Topic: Holiday


24 October 2016

Engage the audience, add interest, gestures

Lecturer: Kevin Hawkins

Topic: Records


31 October 2016

Stand and deliver, impress with style

Lecturer: John Wroe

Topic: Good for a laugh


7 November 2016

Introducing humour, benefits and pitfalls

Lecturer: Alan Williams

Topic: Unbelievable truth


14 November 2016

Practise, polish, perfect, personalise

Lecturer: Alan Calow

Topic: My philosophy of life


21 November 2016

Guest speaker – Raconteur evening

Lecturer: Sharon Richards

Topic: Storytelling


28 November 2016

David Bruce trophy: Humorous Speech

Topic: TBC


5 December 2016

Christmas Dinner at The Broadfield Hotel


23 January 2017


Lecturer: Elaine Hadfield

Topic: Motivation


30 January 2017


Lecturer: Kevin Hawkins

Topic: My dream job


6 February 2017

Knowing Your Audience

Lecturer: Patricia Russell

Topic: Poetry reading


13 February 2017


Lecturer: Alan Williams

Topic: My experience with the law


20 February 2017

Powerpoint Presentations

Lecturer: Chris Gaskell

Topic: Powerpoint


27 February 2017

Pitch, pause, pace, the importance of rhythm

Lecturer: Alan Calow

Topic: Ceremonial Speeches


6 March 2017

Impromptu Speaking

Lecturer: John Wroe

Topic: TBC on the night


13 March 2017

Eric Wheeler Trophy: Impromptu

Topic: Impromptu


20 March 2017

Dragons Den


27 March 2017

AGM + Awarding of the Pat McKenna Trophy


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