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Walk & Talk

This programme was set up by the Heywood, Middleton& Rochdale NHS Primary Care Trust. The PTC working to improve the health of local peopleacross the borough, through promoting physical activity. These walks have been developedto support local people who currently do little or no exercise and want to becomemore active.Walks are run most days in different parts of the boroughso as to provide a wide range of opportunities for those who want to take part.

We started to run walks from Syke Community Base a year ago and have found these to be very successful attracting up to 20 people, who find they have made new friends engaging in conversation as well as becoming alot fitter. We attract people of all ages and have people in their eighties who have really felt the benefit of regular exercise. Many find this is an easy activity to start to build up their fitness levels gradually.The benefits are many and can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 50%, help to reduce levels of Cholesterol,weight and relieve depression.

We organise a number of walks in the area, one each Friday starting at 10am from Syke Community Base taking different routes around Syke countryside lasting approximately 2 -2½ hours. We also offer a gentler walk from the Base also starting at 10am. This lasts for about 2 hours and is more suitable for beginners or those who do not like hills. We also take a group from the Base on a Monday afternoon leaving at 1.00pm the walk is dependant on the ability of those turning up to walk. There is also a Wednesday morning easy walk starting from the Healey Dell at 10am and going through Healey Dell for approx 1½ hours.

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North Area Partnership, Syke Community Base

Fieldhouse Industrial Estate
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Tel: 01706 346666