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IN TOUCH     26.8.17



Greetings everyone.


Here is a summary of our recent sermons:


On 17th July we read the parable about the sower going out to scatter seeds.  Rev Ruth recollected sentences that had stuck in her mind over the years and likened them to seeds that had taken root.  People hear the words of God and some dismiss them, some respond initially to them and then give up and some believe.  The most important thing for the sower was that the seed was put out.  He understood that some would never flourish.  It is up to us to scatter seed, but we are not responsible for the results.  We don’t have targets to meet.  Sometimes the results take a long time and we may never know what seeds we have planted.


On 30th July Barry Jackson lead our service.  We read about the encounter in the Bible between Jesus and blind Bartimaeus.  Bartimaeus was sitting begging in the street as usual.  A crowd gathers in eager expectation of seeing Jesus.  Bartimaeus realises that Jesus is the only person who can help him – his one and only chance.  He calls out.  People in the crowd tell him to be quiet, but Jesus turns towards him.  Bartimaeus gets up and walks blindly to where he thinks Jesus is and Jesus asks him ‘What do you want me to do for you?’  Bartimaeus replies ‘Rabbi, I want to see’.  Jesus answers ‘Go, your faith has healed you’.  His faith in Jesus transformed his life.  God offers his love and grace to each of us.  As his people and his church, are we going to step out in faith and serve him today?


On 6th August Rev Ruth Jackson took our service, but it was Bary who spoke to us about that well-known Biblical event, the feeding of the 5,000.  Jesus starts teaching and the day ebbs away.  The disciples say the crowd need something to eat and should go to the nearest villages, but Jesus wants to help them there and then.  Then the miracle occurs and all are fed.  This reflects God’s kingdom – all were satisfied – all were treated the same.  We think that the spiritual and the physical are separate.  God wishes to look after us in all ways.  It is easy to send people off with a bit of advice, but we need to take time and find out what people’s problems are.  If someone says they are not having a good day, do we take time to talk about it – to pray – to help?  Jesus would not say ‘Well, you had better go and see the doctor’.  Everyone can be fed by God.  The answer was not in the villages, it was there in the bread and fish.


On 13th August, Rev Mike talked to us about faith and how it can sometimes falter.  He mentioned Elijah, whose faith was strong enough to call down fire from heaven, when he was in a contest with the prophets of Baal, but whose faith weakened with constant persecution.  He also talked about the disciples on the lake of Galilee, who had just witnessed the feeding of the 5.000.  Having struggled against a storm all night, they are scared and worn out when Jesus comes towards them, walking on the water and they think he is a ghost.  Peter asks to walk on the water also and gets out of the boat, but his faith is not strong enough to sustain him and Jesus reaches out to help him.  If something shakes our faith, Jesus is there, just as he was for Peter, holding a hand out to help us.


On 20th August, Mr Cyril Whittle based his sermon on Acts 2 verse 17 ‘I will pour out my spirit on everyone’.  These are the opening words of Peter’s address to the crowd after the disciples received the Holy Spirit.  The disciples had been running scared and hiding, but now, no one could stop them.  Peter spoke so powerfully that 3,000 people were added to their group.  Peter, who had denied Jesus, run away and returned to work, is now the orator, the evangelist, the one on whom Jesus would build his church.  This same power is there for us if we ask for it, but it is never forced on anyone.  The disciples needed strength, guidance and courage.  This is what we need today.  We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to step out in faith and witness to the gospel.  It isn’t easy but it is exciting.


On 24th August, Rev Rachel told us about the walking holidays that she had enjoyed (or not) as a child.  It reminded her that Jesus was always on a journey.  He knew where he was going, but the disciples were not so sure.  People wondered who Jesus was – a reincarnation of John the Baptist, maybe, or Elijah, or just another prophet.  Jesus asked his disciples ‘Who do you say I am?’  Peter says ‘You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God’.  We all face moments of decision.  As time went on Peter did falter but he lived out his faith.  Who do we say Jesus is?  Do we need to take a step of faith?  Do we have the faith to trust our lives to him?




We regularly raise money for charities, but on 20th August we had an extra spontaneous collection, having been asked to help provide the necessary finance to allow a 10 year old boy to apply for British citizenship.  His mother escaped from the Congo after close family members were killed.  She has not been granted British citizenship, but, if her son is able to claim it, it will be easier for her to obtain residence as his sole carer and so secure their safety.  Happily, we were able to raise the £50 that was requested.


It will be a while before this web page is updated again, but we already have future dates on the calendar to look forward to.  Our ‘Soup and a Roll’ sessions will begin again on 12th September and 24th September will be our Harvest Festival, which is always a time for rejoicing.  Our church will also be taking part in a Harvest event at the Town Hall in October although we are not yet sure of the date.  The Church Fair will be on Saturday 25th November between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm and the ever-popular Christingle 3rd December at 11.00 am.  Do join us for any of these events if you can.


Blessings on all our readers.

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