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IN TOUCH     26.8.17



IN TOUCH   26th October, 2017


Hello everyone.


Here we are again, sharing with you what our worship leaders have been saying to us.


On 17th September, Mr Barrie Jackson started talking to us about fish and chips (and actually cake as well), but it was the fish that really mattered.  Our Bible reading had been about Jesus asking Peter to let him get in his boat and push it out a little way so he could stand in it and address the crowds.  Peter was washing his nets.  He had been out all night fishing and not caught anything.  When Jesus had finished talking, he asked Peter to go further out and put his nets out again.  Peter obviously thought it was a waste of time but because it was Jesus who asked, he was prepared to do it.  The result was an amazing catch that nearly sank the boat.  Peter falls to his knees before Jesus, feeling his own inadequacy and overawed by Jesus’ power.  Jesus assures him that ‘From now on you will be a fisher of men’.  The call of the first disciples required a huge step of faith.  They were willing to give up everything to follow Jesus  God wants to bless us so abundantly that we cannot imagine it, but first we have to take that step of faith.  We do not know what the future holds but God calls us to play our part.  One thing we can be sure of is that God will bless us and enable us.  How will you respond?


The 24th September was our Harvest Festival – no longer apples and carrots, more tins and packets donated for passing on to those who struggle to get by.  Rev Rachel told us about an elderly man at an airport saying goodbye to his daughter, probably for the last time.  They were wishing each other ‘just enough’.  It was a family tradition to wish for each other just enough of the good things in life to sustain them.  We don’t need to wish lavish goods for each other, but just enough.  God gives us just enough.  We should be thankful for our lives today.  In the past, prosperity was much less certain.  Let’s be grateful for having just enough.


On 1st October, Rev Carl Howarth talked to us about love.  At the heart of our Christian lives is love.  Jesus spells it out – ‘God is love’.  What does that mean?  Jesus says ‘His love is disclosed to us in that he sent his only son into the world’.  It is for each and every one of us – for all, without exception, if only we will receive it.  He also gives the gift of life.  God’s love is transformational.  He makes us truly alive.


On 8th October, Rev Mike explained the parable of the tenants.  A man planted a vineyard and left it in the care of tenants.  When the owner sent his messengers to collect his dues, the tenants beat them up and killed them.  In this parable, the vineyard is the House of Israel, the messengers ane the prophets, the tenants are the church hierarchy and the owner is God.  The Church does not own our faith.  It is just a tenant.  The temptation is to fit the Church to our own views and prejudices.  Oneness means we accept each other’s differences exactly as we are.  We are just tenants under the lordship of God.


On 15th October we held our own service.  This is something that happens several times a year.  On this occasion, Kendra very kindly shared with us the memories of her holiday in Jordan, mentioning all the places she had visited, many of them mentioned in the Bible.  At the top of her to-do list was a visit to Petra, which did not disappoint, but, surprisingly, her most memorable moment came when she stood at a high point, studying a panorama of the countryside, with a display board showing the names of all the places that were visible.  The awareness dawned on her that this was the actual place where Jesus lived and walked and it was brought home to her in a special way.  She saw this as a blessing and sharing it with us was her way of giving thanks.


On 22nd October Rev Rachel talked to us about the occasion when Jesus was asked whether it was right to pay taxes to Caesar.  This was actually a political question.  The Jews hated paying the taxes, but if Jesus said they should not pay it, he would have been accused of rebellion.  He was being set up and he needed an ambiguous answer.  We all know that he sidestepped the issue by saying ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s’.  The question is ‘What belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God?’  God formed the earth.  This has political implications.  We need to care for it.  What are the political implications of caring for the poor and distressed?  If Jesus walked into our church today, how would we react? Do we see him in the homeless and the refugee?  We need to pray for wisdom in how to respond.




And other things:-


On 16th October we took part in the Harvest Fun Event at the Town Hall, where we were honoured by a visit from the Mayor and Mayoress.  There were also crowds of school children who were happy to sample the various things on offer (the cake stall was particularly popular) and experiment with the craft section.  Our theme was ‘Sharing the Harvest’ and we were offering gifts of fruit to anyone who cared to take them.  All the time we were overlooked by our own angel and if for a minute you might think this unlikely, I assure you that, if you choose, you can visit the Town Hall yourself and in the room on the right as you enter you can see an angel bearing the word ‘Wardle’.  Our stall was right underneath it.


A new Bible Study group has been formed, taking place on the last Wednesday of the month.  We will spend a month prayerfully reading a book of the Bible and then gather to discuss the issues that seem particularly significant.


Our challenge for this month is: ‘Consider sitting five minutes in God’s presence and just listening’.  Too much of a challenge?   Not got five spare minutes?  Then try this.  The next time you take a short walk on your own – just going back to pick up your car for instance – try asking God to walk with you.


That’s quite enough for now.


Remember the Christmas Fair on 25th November between 11.00 and 1.00.


May the Lord be with you.

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