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Event: Bereavement Course - The Bereavement Journey

Tuesday 13 April 2021
7pm - 9pm

Online via Zoom


Organised by Nelson Street Church, this bereavement course will start on Tuesday 13 April and will run for 5 weeks with an optional 6th week.

Each evening begins at 7.00pm and is finished by 9.00pm.

The evening will involve two short filmed talks, each followed by an opportunity for online discussion hosted by a group facilitator.

By means of a series of films and discussion groups, the online course guides you through most aspects of grief, enabling you to process the implications for yourself and work out the next steps.

To register for the course please visit the link below, so we can send you som more information and a Zoom invite for the first session.

Entry fee: Course is free of charge, apart from the 2 Guest Manual