North Manchester Tuition for English, Maths and IT tuition

Date published: 06 January 2017

Considering extra tuition for your child? Home tutors provide help but limited time; internet and PC work give on-demand access but little guidance. North Manchester Tuition offers both in a readily available and competitively priced Home & Centre package.

Our Home & Centre service offers English and Maths learning based in your home, set by teachers and supplemented by in-centre tuition. Your child is set on-line work each week, ("ZooWhiz**" or our VPN based programmes) supplemented by a monthly session in The Egerton IT Centre, where tutors review the work done at home and provide tuition to meet their emerging needs.

The Home & Centre package starts from £65/month (Secondary) and £55/month (Juniors).

North Manchester Tuition caters for all levels of abilities from Primary to Secondary, encompassing the National Curriculum and GCSE syllabi. We also offer a weekly course for those in need of more extensive help, in association with The Egerton IT Centre*. Currently this includes after-school sessions or a "Saturday school" option, covering English, Maths and IT skills development.

Further details available from:

The Egerton IT Centre
501A Oldham Road, Rochdale
01706 345151

Available mid-January: Maths GCSE revision £20 per hourly session, held on Thursdays.
Practice every aspect of mathematics core skills using our Multi-Maths program.

North Manchester Tuition are agents for The Tuition Software Company, show-casing PC-based tuition programs and providing user training. The Tuition Software Company has been developing and testing education support programs since 2004 - the current product range includes:

  • Student Records Centre is first and foremost, a graphically interfaced Student database. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, SRC controls an IEP and Reports program. This secondary program gives Tutors a ready means to review a prior session’s results and plan the next. Format can readily be changed to a parents Progress Report, utilising pre-prepared statements and detailed progress indicators. 
  • Multi-Maths is an interactive exercise program covering 5 distinct modules - Numeracy, Fractions, Algebra, Measurement and Trigonometry. Multi-maths is a virtually endless, Question-and-Answer generator, with automatic marking and results collation. Exercises are staged from Starter to core-skills proficiency in progressive steps. Tutor facilities, (password-protected,) include: review of student inputs and results; record and amend progress; student session planning.

    Sub-categories include: Add, subtract, multiply, divide, decimal rounding, significant digits, standard form, percentages, ratios, variables, powers, equations, factorisation, metric & imperial measures, (linear, area, volume and speed,) Pythagoras, angles, bearings; Transformations, (rotations and reflections).

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Considering private tuition as a career? Further details:

*The Egerton IT Centre provides an information technology resource to businesses in the Rochdale locale. Further details:

**ZooWhiz is an independent, internet based home-learning platform with parent/tutor oversight. You can safely leave your child exploring exciting and innovative web-based materials knowing they will be absorbed and entertained - The ZooWhiz subscription also allows 24/7 access to all their internet-based, learning resources, subject to service availability.
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