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Date published: 05 January 2022

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Now is the time when many of you, with the greatest of intentions, start thinking about that new exercise regimen and / or starting THAT DIET!

But for the thousands of you planning to kick-off with a bang in January, does not always mean that you will achieve your goals.

Unfortunately studies show that 55% of traditional gym goers do not know what they are doing with many just copying other people.

Equally, 80% of people who join a traditional gym in January will leave within 5 months, and interestingly 50% of the members who give up a gym membership in the first year, will do so in the first 3 months – why?; because their exercise programme was too hard and was not matched to their ability or goals. The temptation as soon as we put our foot through the door is too often to over-do it in the first few sessions!

Also, one of the main reasons people do not achieve their goals is because they are stuck in a rut doing the same thing. Going to the same class, training at the same level or performing the same exercise at the same weight for long periods of time (e.g. several months) can result in a person’s health or fitness gains starting to plateau and even diminish.

This is precisely why at onePT, personal training and gym in Rochdale, we support and guide each member through each step of our very comprehensive member journey; starting with the initial Health and Movement Assessment to the monthly inclusive personal training sessions with many members taking up additional PT packages, to then staying connected with their PT even when the member is away from the gym through our apps and technology.

Perhaps most importantly, our members are assigned to the personal trainer who is best matched to the person's training experience, goals and critically – personality; the coach they are most likely to engage with the most!



But isn’t having a personal trainer seen as a bit of a luxury?

“Not anymore,” comments Dr Neil Fell, co-founder of onePT, “I think in the past, people have often perceived that personal trainers / coaches were only reserved for the likes of sports people and the rich and famous or celebrities, but in the last few years people have really started to value their health and wellbeing a lot more.

“Having a personal trainer can be seen as an investment in your future-self. I have always been a great believer that prevention is better than cure and through exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle can help you manage not only your physical health but also your mental health. This has been so important over the last two years though this pandemic.”

Neil adds that by having a personal trainer does provide you with some amazing benefits:

  • Coaching - having someone on hand to ensure you perform each exercise with the correct form; ensure you finish that last rep or finish the last few seconds and not give up too easily, or to review how you are feeling and on certain days realise that you may need to take your foot off the gas!
  • Extra motivation - at onePT you have unlimited gym access - but having regular sessions with your PT can enhance your motivation to carry on with your workout regimen. During the PT sessions you will also get chance to discuss other aspects relating to your health and fitness goals - such as some of the nutritional changes you are trying to make.
  • Accountability - when you exercise on your own, it is easy to skip sessions or fall off the wagon completely. Working with a personal trainer will help keep you accountable, making it more likely that you will stick with your training programme.
  • Variety - our PTs will teach you a variety of exercise methods which can keep you from getting bored and this will also mean your fitness levels will continue to progress.
  • Efficiency - your personal trainer, especially in the environment provided at onePT, will be able to make the most out of your workout time, which increases the efficiency of your workout. This is especially beneficial when you have a limited time to exercise.


onePT gym


We know that many of you will have a fitness goal for 2022, but it is often said that a goal without a plan is just a dream.

At onePT we believe fitness is a journey and not a destination, it doesn’t have to have an end. Results achieved are more likely to be sustainable if you make lifestyle and behavioural changes – one or two at time, which then become part of your everyday life. However we know that for some of you, you may need that finite time period to get yourself started – a realistic timescale that you can commit to and focus on, but at the end see some real positive results and at the same time establish positive habits that can be easily maintained.

And that is why we have created the onePT 12 Week Transformation Programme - 12 weeks of training and nutrition to give you the best and most sustainable transformation of your life.

“I think what has been fantastic about the two Transformation Programmes we have run in 2021 is that 100% of the people who took part have carried on as members with onePT, with a good number taking up either individual or small group PT packages and some even signing up for the next 12 week programme.” said John Carroll, co-owner.

If you would like to find out more, please click on the link below and book your FREE consultation.


“The onePT Transformation Programme has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. Not only has my health and fitness improved, my clothes fit better, but the impact it has had on my confidence, mood, sleep and overall wellbeing has been unimaginable. Never did I think I would be the person who actually enjoys and looks forward to exercise!” Saira (onePT Transformation Programme Member)

“Does exactly what is says it on the tin. I arrived 12 weeks ago in poor shape. The 12 week programme has given me the kickstart I needed in order to improve my overall fitness levels and lifestyle choices.” Salim (onePT Transformation Programme Member)

“The transformation is absolutely brilliant. I have lost a stone and two dress sizes in 12 weeks. I feel fitter stronger and much healthier. All the trainers are fantastic and encourage you every step of the way. I can’t wait to do another one.” Linda (onePT Transformation Programme Member)

“I had heard of this programme through a friend so thought I would give it a go. So glad I did, as everyone is super friendly. I am so happy with my results in just 12 weeks; I wanted to get fitter and stronger but also ended up losing inches which was a bonus!” Alison, (onePT Transformation Programme Member)


onePT gym


Neil points out: “If you are starting out on your fitness journey in 2022 and have not exercised for quite a while, please remember to be patient – build up again gradually. For the first couple of weeks, it will be good to focus on movement and the correct technique. For a lot of you, you may still have been working at home and have slipped into some bad habits with regard to your posture and mobility.”

“Believe in and follow the process. We have a saying here at onePT,” adds John: “Achieve your behavioural goals, and you will achieve your outcome goals. A lot of people will focus primarily on their outcome goal, which may be weight loss but then not really look at or identify the behavioural changes that if made would actually result in someone achieving their outcome goals.

“For example a simple behavioural goal may be to start exercising 2 or 3 times a week – by committing to coming to the gym, or booking a personal trainer once a week. By increasing activity and keeping everything else much the same would start to pay dividends in terms of weight loss.”

“Another great example” adds Neil, “is the person who likes sugar in their tea – a teaspoon of sugar is approximately 4 g or 16 kcals; therefore, if you have a sweet tooth and like 2 teaspoons of sugar per mug, then 5 mugs of tea would equate to 160 kcal per day or 1120 per week just from sugar. We often say it takes 21 days to create a habit – and it does take approximately 3 weeks for your taste buds to adjust physiologically to the ‘lack of sweetness’ – and 3 weeks of teas with 2 teaspoons per mug would add up to 3360 Kcals (nearly equivalent of 1lb of fat).

“Similar examples may be swapping fizzy drinks for water or a starting point may be to choose cordials with no added sugar. It can all be a stepping stone. By helping people with their behavioural goals – and ultimately helping them to make lifestyle changes – will then help people to achieve their outcome goals. Other behavioural / lifestyle goals may include, hitting a daily step count, eating more fruit and veg or adding some protein to every meal.”


onePT gym


In summary, if you would like to find out more about how onePT can help you get back into the swing of things – provide you with an individualised training programme, assist you with your behavioural goals, and ultimately help improve your life for the better, then either book a FREE consultation through our Transformation link or you can contact us at Contact Us | onePT with a message, or you can simply book a complimentary PT session by following the link below:

With limited memberships, onePT follows all the latest Government and Industry Guidance with regard to COVID-19 to maximise the safety of members and staff.

Dr Fell comments: “We have always taken the cleanliness and hygiene of our facility very seriously and we always had sanitising stations in situ, even before the pandemic – we just doubled the number. Equally, each member is assigned a wrist band which is linked to their membership. Members utilise this wristband to gain access to the facility which in turn registers their attendance. This means members can check how busy the club is (via the membership app) before coming to train.”

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