Letter: Rochdale's political establishment

Date published: 24 October 2017

Dear Editor,

It must be time for a change of Rochdale's political rulers.

Time has moved on for the political establishment.

Councillors from the largest parties have run the town over a considerable number of years and are no longer serving the best interest of residents and voters.

Too many seem to think that they are so self-important that they are entitled to a (34%) pay rise when their employees suffer.

The Labour Party nationally may have moved on with fresh policies but the local Labour Party is rooted in the past and bears little resemblance to it.

The local party, it should be remembered, promoted, supported and continually excused and defended a person who, as MP, brought this town into disrepute.

They have also turned on the one Labour councillor who vocally objected to the 34% rise and stopped him from standing in next May's local election. There appears to be little tolerance for an alternative view.

It is time to replace greed, self-interest and intolerance with positive actions and policies.

The councillors rise of 34% should be taken away, with them making sacrifices like everyone else.

We need positive policies for this town, not greed and self-interest and intolerance.

The councillors should be making sacrifices like everyone else. For most councillors, an additional 10% cut in their pay would not be a great hardship.

The way in which the council allows builders to get out of legally binding agreements to provide community improvements is a scandal.

If a figure is agreed when a planning application is made, the council should insist on full payment.

Other issues are also worrying, the ongoing secrecy over the Turner Brothers site with the council being run ragged by the foreign based owners and the destruction of the green belt.

The local elections are a good time for independents and smaller parties, such as the Greens, who are concerned with promoting policies for the benefit of all of us.

Remember, the May elections are about local issues and I would encourage people to vote for the best candidates with the will to improve the town.


Mick Coats

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