Letter: Disgusted with Councillor Farnell

Date published: 27 October 2017

Dear Editor,

I am sure Rochdale Online readers are disgusted with this weeks behaviour of Councillor Farnell.

It is a case of where do I begin?

First and foremost, my thoughts are with the victims of the child abuse having to listen to the evidence being presented - truly a disturbing time in Rochdale.

These past few days we have seen the out of control, self-proclaimed 'Our Leader' insulting the residents of his ward, Kirkholt, saying they have nothing in common with la de da Saddleworth, implying his ward is of a lower class, the good people of Kirkholt not good enough for the Leader.

This leads us to his disgraceful performance at the Child Abuse Enquiry. A 'performance' that has been roundly condemned by many. Even a fellow Labour councillor has accused Councillor Farnell of not telling the truth.

To cap it off, Councillor Farnell tackles Councillor Kelly on the subject that the leader should resign, saying that Councillor Kelly is 'as low as you can get' in political mud slinging. Yet one paragraph later the Leader then starts political point scoring, bringing Paul Rowen into the discussion, and even saying that Councillor Kelly has not shown any sympathy.

Before Councillor Farnel starts using that card, just today in an interview with ITV it took eight times of being asked to apologise before he did. Seriously that is truly sickening, and it is so hypocritical to lash out in the way he has done at Councillor Kelly.

In a nutshell Councillor Farnell has to go. His actions this week are beyond defence. The feeling that The Leader is not fit for the purpose is the talk of Rochdale Borough. Every day that passes he heaps more shame and negative press on us. It goes with out saying his actions are hurting the victims of the abuse again.

What does it have to take before something is done?

I will say here and now, you are a disgrace Councillor Franell, you are an out of control PR obsessed career politician who has given dubious evidence to an enquiry; evidence that been described as "inconceivable' and suggested you were part of the cover up itself.

You disgust me, your voters and the people of the Borough of Rochdale.


Lawrence Glendinning

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Rochdale Online.

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