Letter: Time for Richard Farnell to listen to the victims

Date published: 30 October 2017

Dear Editor,

They say a week is a long time in politics, and this has been one of the longest and most troubling in Rochdale’s history.

Yet at the end of it our council leader can’t even bring himself to apologise to hurting victims of abuse and instead just throws around slurs against other councillors both in his own party and accusing others of party political point scoring.

I would wholly agree that this is not an area to attempt to score political capital, the main focus here should be on those victims and survivors of the horrendous abuse which went ignored for so long.

They deserve more than the petty self-service attitude that we have seen from our council leader.

I think I would encourage Councillor Farnell to read again the article in which Liberal Democrats were calling for his resignation.

This call is not against a political party but against an individual who has shown himself ‘unfit’ to act on behalf of Rochdale residents.

Just to reinforce this, the term ‘unfit’ is not mine, but that used by the victims and their representatives in reference to Councillor Farnell.

By contrast, it was Richard Farnell that went into a rant against Councillor Kelly, and attempted to make specific political capital out of this issue - a classic case, which we have become used to in Rochdale politics, of our leader attempting to deflect attention from his own failings onto others.

I suggest he follows Councillor Dearnley’s advice and stops trying to make political capital on the backs of these victims.

The outcry from every day Rochdale residents is clear, it was echoed by Councillor Andy Kelly and more importantly from the victims themselves.

Councillor Farnell has lost the respect and trust of residents, of all political persuasions, proving that this is much bigger than party politics.

If he is listening to these victims he will not drag this out for another six months for his own selfish motives, he will respectfully do as they ask - and simply resign.


Rob Mclean

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