Letter: Just go Councillor Farnell!

Date published: 09 November 2017

Dear Editor,

Again, I read the self-proclaimed leader, Councillor Farnell, replying with his Room 101 tactics of lashing out and diverting away and blaming others for his failings.

This time it’s the leaders reply to Littleborough/Lakeside which voted to suspend Councillor Farnell.

The leader claims that this vote is making a political football out of child abuse.

Councillor Farnell has a very short memory looking at his past comments.

Such as when he brought in Paul Rowen in a desperate attempt to divert from his actions.

No Councillor Farnell, it is not a political football, it is a vote about your severely criticised appearance at the Child Abuse Inquiry, where the evidence you gave was described as: "inconceivable' and suggested you were part of the cover up itself.

That statement is damning.

The leader then has the gall to say our thoughts must be with the victims.

Then why on earth did it take you eight times of being asked to actually apologise?

You insult the victims of the child abuse.

You are a disgrace Councillor Farnell.


Lawrence Glendinning

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