Letter: Building a new school on Bowlee is 'absolutely ridiculous'

Date published: 04 March 2018

Dear Editor,

I think the council's 'sly' decision to use Bowlee as the site for a new high school is absolutely ridiculous!

They haven't considered other buildings in the area apart from one, which they say was too small. We have the huge Warwick Mill building in Middleton that has no use and would be perfect for a school, it is close to the bus station, to main roads and with easy to access if converted correctly.

As a resident of Langley my whole life I consider it completely inappropriate to build a school on Bowlee, it is chaos as it is with Bowlee Park Primary School and St Mary's with parents driving down those roads at school times.

Another school so close is the last thing we need. There is no off-road parking and there are already cars parked all over the place, potholes everywhere, and it's a pain to navigate.

The money should be put into fixing the potholes and parking issues instead of this crazy idea.

It's despicable that the residents of Langley have been excluded from this huge decision despite it directly affecting us.

My brother has a very bad illness with ADHD and Aspergers and Bowlee is the only place he enjoys to go, it's part of his 'routine' to go there because he finds it helps him a lot getting out the house with his anxiety. I am very annoyed because it affects people like him and me, and the dog walkers, horse riders, etc.

I have been horse riding there my whole life, it's beautiful and we meet up with local dog walkers and all walk them together; the elderly in the area love to come there too. 

People are going to be stuck in their homes now; it's unfair and affects their quality of life.

The Council should really care about resident’s feelings around here. The last thing we all need is blocked roads, it's going to be chaos, they will have to walk down our streets in the morning and kids can be loud, it's unfair to residents living in the area. It's bad enough the primary schools there, and we hear them, and people work nights round here.

I think it's very wrong to have not even give anybody a chance to have their say.

I hope the Council will read this and reconsider because it's unfair to the residents and that shows the lack of respect they have for us.

I feel discriminated against, and my brother and a lot of other people too.

I am not being rude, even though I'm very angry, I am simply saying a lot of people's daily routine is to get up and go there and it affects people's quality of life.

I hope somebody takes the time or contacts me as my brother is really affected by this and I'm not happy he is upset.



Kayleigh Cairns

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