Letter: The older generation and Brexit

Date published: 05 March 2018

Dear Editor

I was talking to a young lad earlier, who stated that the older generation shouldn’t be able to vote on Brexit, as the young would be affected more by the decision and the venom in his words was quite shocking. I composed myself and replied very calmly,

"I’m 45 years old. I never got a vote in 1975 as I was three-years-old.

"I’ve paid tax all my life and I’m one of the 'younger ones' from that time, affected by my parents generations decision.

"I voted to leave and I’m rectifying their mistake.

"Do you honestly think that if the EU was all that it was promised, having lived under it my entire life, I would vote to leave?

"Do you honestly think that despite not having a vote in 1975, and let’s be honest anyone under the age of 61 did not have a vote in 1975 that I shouldn’t have a vote now?

"Shouldn't any of those people between the ages of 44-62 get a vote now, despite not getting a vote in 1975? Should they never be allowed a vote on EU membership?

"Or anyone over the age of 62 either? Who may have voted last time but was told that it was only a block of trading nations, nothing more. Any concerns about superstates, etc., was dismissed as fantasy.

"So, despite the over 62s not being told the truth in 1975, shouldn’t they get a vote again to rectify their mistake?


"What was sold to that generation in 1975 bears no resemblance at all to what the EU is today, and yet those people shouldn’t be able to vote again despite being misled and deceived? 

"They should just accept it as, 'the young will be affected more'.

"Are you so easily manipulated by those who want to remain, and so easily led to be able to be manipulated to see the older (and wiser) generations as somehow not acting in the interests of the young?


"Every decision a parent takes, their first consideration is for their child

"Every joy in life for a grandparent is seeing their grandkids prosper and thrive.

"Younger people are the age group who are selfish, who tend to think of themselves. I know. I was young once, you haven’t been older yet.

"Think seriously on what you are repeating and stating. Think how if it was you in 40 years time denied a vote to keep us in the EU in 2016, and some young child in 2056 declared that you shouldn’t be able to vote now to take us back in on account that the young (and selfish) will be affected more

"Think about it."

He thought about it and said he had never thought about it that way before and changed his opinion, becoming annoyed at how he now felt a bit silly for saying it in the first place

So, you see, there is a lot of propaganda and emotive, divisive issues being exploited by the remain campaign, in order to pit young against old. When nothing, in reality, is further from the truth as not one older person voted to leave because, 'it would make things worse for the young', not one.

It is shameful that opportunistic politicians and vested remain interests are trying to divide the nation again, to create disharmony in an attempt to force a re-vote.


We cannot let them succeed.


David Winder

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Rochdale Online.

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