Power cut in Rochdale

Date published: 21 April 2018

Approximately 1,500 people have been affected by a power cut in Rochdale (Saturday night 21 April).

The power outage happened at around 8.49pm and is expected to last until around 10.49pm.

At least two sets of traffic lights and all streetlights are out on Manchester Road near Mandale Park.

Electricity Northwest have confirmed they are en route to identify the cause.

A spokesperson for Electricity North West said: "This is a high voltage fault which has occured underground. We are confident we can switch the power so we are hoping customers will have their power back on soon."

Postcodes affected:

OL11 3QY, OL11 3QZ, OL11 3RA, OL11 3RB, OL11 3RD, OL11 3RT, OL11 3SF, OL11 3TR, OL11 3TS, OL11 3TZ, OL11 4LZ, OL11 3ST, OL11 3TL, OL11 3SA, OL11 3SB, OL11 3SD, OL11 3TH, OL11 3TP, OL11 3TT, OL11 4JP, OL11 4JR, OL11 4JS, OL11 4JT, OL11 4JU, OL11 4JW, OL11 4JZ, OL11 4LA, OL11 4LB, OL11 4LD, OL11 4LE, OL11 3SS, OL11 3SU, OL11 1PY, OL11 1QH, OL11 1RH, OL11 1RJ, OL11 3RN, OL11 3RQ, OL11 3RR, OL11 3RU, OL11 3RZ, OL11 3TW, OL11 3UD, OL11 1QE, OL11 1QX, OL11 3TD, OL11 3SL, OL11 3SN, OL11 3SY, OL11 3SP, OL11 3PJ, OL11 3PN, OL11 3PR, OL11 3PS, OL11 3PW, OL11 3QB, OL11 3RF, OL11 3RG, OL11 3RH, OL11 3RJ, OL11 3SG, OL11 3SQ, OL11 1EF, OL11 3SW, OL11 4LH, OL16 1TZ, OL16 1PJ, OL16 1PX, OL16 1QD, OL16 1UP, OL16 1UR, OL11 4JQ, OL16 1UT, OL11 1EG, OL11 1EJ, OL11 1EL, OL11 1EW, OL11 1HE, OL11 1HJ, OL11 1HW, OL11 1HH, OL11 3SX, OL11 3TG, OL11 3TJ, OL11 3UF, OL11 4LP, OL11 4HA, OL11 4HX, OL11 4HY, OL11 4HZ, OL11 4JG, OL11 4JJ, OL11 4LL, OL11 4LN, OL11 4LY, OL16 1RE, OL16 1UU, OL16 1UX, OL11 4EE, OL11 6AA, OL12 6AA, OL12 6AE, OL12 6AF, OL12 6XD, OL16 1AF, OL11 4HR

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