Local Election 2015

Peter Nicholas Winkler

Peter Nicholas Winkler

Norden Ward

It has been a pleasure to serve the people of Norden Village, Ashworth, Birtle and Caldershaw over the past two years. With your support on Thursday 7 May, I very much hope to be able to continue working as your Local Councillor, to keep our area a vibrant, safe and pleasant place to live and work.

I am proud to be standing again as a candidate with a long track record of serving Norden and its residents, not just during my last two years as your Councillor, but for many years before that too. I hope it also reassures you to know that I live in Norden (as other candidates asking for your vote do not).

Let’s not mix up the issues: I am a Local Councillor Candidate NOT a Parliamentary Candidate. You are not voting for me to be an MP, I want to continue be your local Councillor who lives and works in this area with you.

What happens in Norden impacts on my life just as much as yours; whether it is street lighting, potholes, speeding traffic or antisocial behaviour. I am not making empty promises of what I might do if elected, I am here doing it now and you can see the results of my actions in the press all year round, on my twitter feed: @CllrPeteWinkler or in the leaflets that l am dropping through your doors.

Many of you speak to me during the week while I am taking my children to school, shopping in the village, supporting local groups or just out walking the dog. I am here for Norden all the time; I am in touch with you and the problems and concerns that you have.

Considerate Parking Schemes:

This come up every year from would-be candidates but it already exists in Norden. We have a free car park with a huge sign, look in many shop windows and you will see our ‘considrerate parking’ notices and over recent years we have had many bollards installed and yellow lines repainted to help us prevent problem parking.

Speeding Traffic:

I meet with members of the public and the Community Policing Team every month and this is often a topic of discussion. This year the Police have conducted a number of operations to monitor and deal with motorists who endanger people in our ward by driving too fast or dangerously. These people already ignore speed limit signs, more signs are a waste of money, I believe in direct action and enforcement.

Black Pits Chimney:

This is owned by Redrow Homes and they have the responsibility (and financial obligation) to repair and maintain this important landmark. We and council officers have been unable to get them to fulfil this obligation, despite continual pressure; that is why I have written to the Secretary of State for his support on this matter.

Protecting our Green Space & Green Corridor:

Just months ago a group of Labour Councillors from outside Norden tried to sell of a large area of green recreational space in Caldershaw for housing development, without first speaking to the people who live in that area. This is a valuable play area for local children and it is enjoyed weekly by hundreds of local families. Only with Conservative Councillors interventions was this stopped and the plans opened up to public consultation. With our support, a new friends group was formed and is now fighting with us to save this land for the people of Norden.

With myself and my Conservative Councillor colleagues, Jim Gartside and Mike Holly, Norden has a great, proactive team who work all year round to tackle the ongoing issues that the whole of Norden Ward faces. Here are just a few more things that I have achieved over the past two years:

• Organising the clearance of countless instances of illegal dumping/fly-tipping.
• Holding anti-dog fouling roadshows at popular walking spots.
• Supporting our local businesses and retailers.
• Securing funds for improvements to our children's play areas.
• Securing funds for improvements to our War Memorial.
• Fighting the plans of our Labour-run Council plans to sell green recreational space at Cut Lane, Caldershaw.
• Working with local groups to support community events and action days.
• Addressing many residents’ concerns about the new street lighting columns.
• Working with the police to tackle anti-social behaviour.
• Raising the George Cross throughout the village on St. Georges Day.
• Having gullies cleared and culverts dug on Edenfield Road which were causing flooding and making driving conditions dangerous.

I understand the needs of Norden because, like you, I live here. I am a Governor at two of our local primary schools, a Trustee of Cutgate Playgroup (at Norden Methodist Church), I regularly attend the Norden Area Forum, Community Association & Community Police meetings and I am an active supporter of many local groups including NEEVA and the Birtle Trust. I also sit on the Rochdale Township Committee, Rochdale Planning Committee, Rochdale Clean & Green Committee, Borough Regeneration Group and the Rochdale in Bloom Committee.

Let me continue to help you and everyone in Norden, by voting for me on Thursday 7th May. Whatever you choose to do in the General Election this year, please do make your vote count for Norden in the Local Elections by voting Conservative.

Thank You,

Councillor Peter Winkler – Norden Ward
Mobile: 07890 256 814
twitter: @CllrPeteWinkler
facebook: /CouncillorPeterWinkler

Local Election 2015


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