Local Election 2015

Richard John Whitaker

Richard John Whitaker

South Middleton Ward

Your vote on the 7th May is very precious.

What has the Labour majority led council in Rochdale done for you – ever?

Have they fought for you?

Have they kept up with our town planning and infrastructure development needs as the population has increased?

Have they reduced crime and grime?

Do they have any plans to make your lifestyle easier, better, more enjoyable?

Only UKIP are standing up for ordinary people, with sensible policies based on British values that treat everyone fairly, regardless of age, class, race or religion.

UKIP is the only party with a chance of unseating the Labour candidate. A vote for the Conservative, Liberal Democrat or even the Green candidate is actually a vote which will ensure the Labour candidate is elected. Only by voting strategically will you be able to unseat Labour here.

This is what I will do for you if you vote for me on the 7th May.

I will stand up to:

• Scrutinise the usage and allocated funding for the NHS, and strive to increase NHS services.
• Creating more and better schools and housing.
• Help to resolve your concerns and grievances, by listening and acting
• UKIP will lower business rates to encourage companies to come to and invest in Middleton.
• Increase the number of in-company training schemes, apprenticeships and internships to reduce the horrendous youth unemployment in Middleton.
• Protecting our woods and Green belt land
• Keeping our libraries, post office and local way of life intact.
• I am a keen supporter and are very proud of our ‘Save the Pub’ Campaign!

I have lived in Middleton for years – my beloved wife, Amanda and our children, were born at Crumpsal. We love our life here but are probably as frustrated with this inert, uncaring, self-serving Council as you are.

If you believe in Britain, if you believe in Middleton, you can believe in me.
Vote UKIP to unseat Labour in South Middleton. Vote for Richard Whitaker, UKIP's local candidate standing to be your next Ward Councilor.

Whilst other political parties are criticised by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, UKIP has had its 2015 manifesto costed independently and verified by The Centre for Economic and Business Research.

For further information on what a UKIP Government would do for you - Please copy and paste this link to read the UKIP Manifesto:

Our manifesto is a 5 year termed plan, which can be delivered, and is credible!

Local Election 2015


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