Local Election 2015

Neville  Westerman

Neville Westerman

Smallbridge & Firgrove Ward

I am 77yrs old, a family man, and retired design engineer.

I was raised in Rochdale’s Newbold-area, had relatives in both Smallbridge and in Firgrove.

I am a mason a member of Probus, I bowl at Falinge and enjoy walking in the local hills.

Nationally I want UKIP to lead us out of Europe, create more grammar schools, regain control of our borders, maintain our armed forces and defences, raise the income tax allowances.

Locally I desire Smallbridge and Firgrove constituents to have the chance to select a UKIP candidate.

I want to assist at council-level in the needs of residents, create more schools and houses in the area, promote the enlargement of the NHS in the Rochdale which we’ve lost recently, why should we travel out of town?

Tell me your grievances and I’ll take them to the Council.

Vote for me on the 7 May!

Westerman - UKIP

Local Election 2015


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