Local Election 2015

Warren  Mitchell

Warren Mitchell

West Heywood Ward

My name is Warren Mitchell and I am your UKIP candidate for West Heywood.

I have lived in West Heywood all my life and have stood here twice previously, last year I narrowly missed out becoming your UKIP Councillor by a mere 23 votes, proving that UKIP can win here and every vote matters!

I am putting myself up for election for the third time because I am passionate and determined for change, the change that West Heywood needs.

Over the years we have seen quite literally the destruction of our community with Heywood Community High School closing down despite being in the top 1% of the most improved schools in Britain!

Darnhill Community centre has closed down despite our Labour Councillor claiming to have protected Community centres!

Our Clinic on Darnhill has closed, the adventure park demolished, our shops are struggling because of Labour’s high business rates and our pubs have closed left, right and centre.

Yet Labour wanted to increase our CEO’s pay by an extra £40,000 a year, they have wasted £280,000 to date on a rising bollard which fails consistently on Pilsworth Road, closed down our Tip which has to led to increased fly tipping, wasted millions on a new Council building in Rochdale and opening up a river in Rochdale, yet they ignore the things that really matter.

I say enough is enough, UKIP is listening and we want to act! But the only way we can act is for you to vote for change and get us elected.

UKIP wishes to slash Business Rates for all of our shops, pubs, offices and local factories (Not just a selected few) so our town can be open for real trade again, not just takeaways!

We want to slash our Councillors from 60 to 40, cut their expenses and allowances, scrap the costly cabinet system which is clogged full of Rochdale Councillors, stop wasting your hard earned money on projects which fail, offer local referenda so you, the voter, has a real say in what goes on in your town.

Use the money we save from waste to fix our roads, clean up our streets from dog muck with extra bins placed around key areas, fix clogged streets such as Barker Street and Melton Close by moving back their greenery.

There is so much I want to do and so much we can do but we cannot do it from the outside.

23 votes isn’t much, use your vote this May for real change.

I will not stop fighting for Heywood.

Local Election 2015


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