Local Election 2015

Lee Jason Seville

Lee Jason Seville

West Middleton Ward

My name is Lee Seville.

I'm a 47 year old local man who's lived in the Middleton area since 1984 and I've worked for NHS Blood and Transplant since 2001.

I believe that for years the people of our country have been badly let down by the three main political parties, it's now time for change and UKIP is the only solution to the problems directly caused by the three tired old establishment parties.

I believe in the democratic process and if the people would only go out to vote they could take their country back.

If people do not like the direction the country is taking, take control, GO OUT AND VOTE!
Saving Money From The Top Down. In standing for council I aim to fight for the people of Middleton in order to secure and improve frontline services and will campaign to reduce the number of councillors by a 3rd and reduce councillor's expenses by 25%.

Green Spaces

I support the fight to protect our green spaces from overdevelopment and will fight to stop the planned housing development on the green fields between the West and North Middleton wards (Langley Lane and Hollins).

Local Business

I will support local shops and businesses and campaign for the reduction of business rates.
Bedroom Tax, A UKIP government will abolish bedroom tax. In council UKIP will make sure bedroom tax is not used as a tool for political point scoring.

Law and Order

Tackle underage drinking and alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour and off licences that sell alcohol to children.

If elected to represent the ward of West Middleton I promise to be a straight and common sense representative of the people and to work on their behalf and to the best of my ability.

Local Election 2015


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