Local Election 2015

Rina  Paolucci

Rina Paolucci

Wardle & West L'boro Ward

I have lived in Rochdale all my life and in Dearnley for almost ten years.

My loyalty is not with politics but with community and environmental issues.

I am a proud citizen of Littleborough and I feel privileged to live in such a lovely place, surrounded by beautiful countryside with nature right on the doorstep.

We share the same frustrations and want the same goals – to live, work and play in a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

I want to address the concerns of the local community and tackle the issues that we all rely on and which directly affect all of us in the ward - front line services.

Having worked for Rochdale Council, in a number of roles, for almost twenty years, I have first-hand experience of how the Council operates and can offer sensible ideas and suggestions to improve front-line services.

I will not sit back and watch, what were once local beauty spots, decline due to fly tipping, vandalism, graffiti and dog fouling.

Like you, I want street lights to be working. I want roads that are fit to drive on and pavements fit to walk on. Bins need to be emptied regularly.

We still have a long way to go to get things right. Not only do we need to work hard to maintain where we live, we need to work even harder to improve the grot spots and areas that have been allowed to decline.

Front line services need to not only continue, but must become more efficient. Quality and standard of services cannot be compromised.

Sustainability, recycling and up-cycling are close to my heart. My vision is to create community areas and gardens where families can learn how to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs and harvest crops for their own use.

I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Please be assured I will represent you in the best possible way, and although I will not make promises I cannot keep, I will do everything in my power to make things happen to make a real difference to the Wardle and

West Littleborough area. This will undoubtedly benefit both the residents of the Borough, but also visitors to the area and improve the environment and economy in which we live and work.

Please Vote Rina Paolucci, Conservative Local Election Candidate, 7 May, 2015

Local Election 2015


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