Local Election 2016

Matthew  Allen

Matthew Allen

Liberal Democrat Party
Spotland & Falinge Ward

My passion for politics started when I worked for former Lib Dem Home Office Minister Sir Simon Hughes. I saw first-hand the benefits of campaigning for residents.

People want a strong voice representing them and if elected to represent Spotland and Falinge, I will be exactly that.

I have been campaigning for a fresh start for my area for months now.

Spotland and Falinge has a strong Liberal tradition.

People have noticed the deterioration of our area since it elected 3 Labour Councillors.

Labour have had their chance and wasted it.

Over the past few months, I have spoken to hundreds of local people. People were glad to see somebody working all year round, not just at election time.

The environment, bin collections, TBA, Scout Moor, road safety and parking are all high on people's agenda.

I am attempting to knock on every door in the ward before polling day and am well on course to do that.

The younger voters I have spoken to want a town where they can socialise and shop, and most importantly feel safe.

They want good public transport links and shopping facilities, but really recognise the importance of looking after the environment for future generations.

An example of the work I have been doing includes sorting the traffic problems on Baildon Road and Edenfield Road.

My recent petition for the council to paint double yellow lines on the corner of Edenfield Road and Baildon Road gained hundreds of signatures and I will be formally presenting this to the Council.

Spotland & Falinge has a complex set of challenges within the borough.

I will campaign to get the best deal for residents by making sure places like Lanehead, Passmonds, Greave, Brotherhod and Falinge get a fair share of services, budgets and external funding.

This May, residents have a clear choice: Either the Liberal Democrats or Labour will win the election in May.

If elected, I will use my experience and dedication to benefit local people.

Local Election 2016