Local Election 2016

Will  Candlin

Will Candlin

UK Independence Party
Balderstone & Kirkholt Ward

I was born in Middleton and have lived around this area all my life.

The reason I am standing for local council election is that I am tired of consistently seeing the same faces elected to Rochdale council and watching them fail to bring about substantial change within our community.

My politics are guided by a very simple principle, I believe that the power to change people’s lives should lie as close to the people themselves as is possible.

This belief is the guiding reason for my dislike of the European Union and its undemocratic structures which dominate every aspect of our lives yet lie so very distant and removed from those of us in working communities in the North of England, hence my decision to stand with UKIP.

Should I be given the honour of representing Balderstone & Kirkholt on the council, the 3 main principles that would guide my decision making would be:


  • Prioritising services for local people, including housing, education, health and social services. Local homes should be for local people and veterans first.
  • Moving government closer to the people– keeping decision-making local, including local control of planning decisions, retaining Green Spaces and preventing excessive housing development and wind farms
  • Keeping Council tax as low as possible whilst protecting local services. Cut highly paid council executives, not front line staff.


We have watched our local council be passed back and forth between the same people for decades now.

Can any of us really claim that life has been made any easier or better for us? It’s time for a change.

Whilst I will not insult your intelligence by pretending that I have the answers to all the questions, I can promise that, if elected, I will work ceaselessly to improve our proud community.

Of one thing you can be certain, my belief in your right to determine your life will mean that on all the issues that directly affect you, your voice will be heard!

Local Election 2016