Local Election 2016

James  O'Meara

James O'Meara

Green Party
Balderstone & Kirkholt Ward

I am aged 65 and hail from Ireland. I prefer to think of myself as being 34.

I like to sing and attempt to play guitar.

I have lived in the UK for 45 years. I hold state qualifications in psychiatric nursing and am still registered as a Social Worker.

I have also acted as trustee of charities meeting the needs of the poor.

Having come from a deprived family I achieved a first-hand understanding of how poverty and disability and being an immigrant impact on people’s lives.

I acted as a Shop Steward and trade union secretary for over 40 years.

I have worked hard to bring positive change to people’s lives and represented those who were struggling to achieve a reasonable care package of health and social care from intransigent authorities. I have also done much good work for working class people as an expert witness and adviser at the High Court. I have assisted in fighting to keep families together.

I have a strong social conscience and deep respect for the wonderful diversity of people who make up Rochdale. Yes, climate change is real and it is going to affect everyone. My dear departed dad born in 1895 told me as long ago as 1960 that climate change posed a serious risk to all our futures.

Only the Green Party can guarantee a cleaner safer environment for our future generations.
I also believe in a fairer, more equal society where every person is valued and respected. The world has enough for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed.

Only the Greens will oppose fracking which would be an environmental disaster for us all.

Only the Greens will oppose the austerity and welfare cuts that have been so damaging to the most vulnerable in our society, whilst the establishment elites have got richer and richer.

Only the Greens will wholeheartedly work to ensure that all young school leavers receive every assistance to start and grow a career. Our young are our future and our greatest asset.

Only the Greens will protect the NHS from creeping privatisation. Transport and utilities will be kept in or transferred into public hands. Vital local services should not be run for corporate fat cats profit.

Thus I am quite confident that I will be a committed and energetic councillor and show what the Green Party can do to represent your needs.

An annual concert to showcase local Rochdale talent would be a priority for me. Rock on Rochdale.

For more detail please read the Green Party's policies on the website:

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Local Election 2016