Local Election 2016

Allen  Brett

Allen Brett

Labour Party
Milkstone & Deeplish Ward

I have been selected to stand for Milkstone & Deeplish ward.

I had thought of retirement but accepted the invitation and challenge.

I am well known in the ward having acted as agent fo several labour candidates over the years.

I am working closely wth Cllr Mohammed Zaman and Cllr Sameena Zaheer.

My main aim is to meet as many voters as possible.

The three main aims are:

  • to turn the ward into an environmental beacon for the rest of the borough,
  • try and resolve the parking issues especially around the railway station where the new car park has been a victim of its own success where the new car park has been a victim of its own success and of the train and tram services
  • to make sure the ward gets the resources it needs

The Council has already agreed in principle to sell the land at Sparth to the local mosque.

I have been involved in local politics for nearly 40 years and I am presently cabinet Member for finance.

I am a great believer in using emails so that constituents always have an audit trail of what is trying to be accomplished.

I will also hold regular advice sessions and be readily available.

Local Election 2016