Local Election 2016

Michael  Foster

Michael Foster

UK Independence Party
Bamford Ward

I am standing as a UKIP candidate in these elections, because I want to provide an independent voice for Bamford in Rochdale Council.

UKIP is all about bringing power back to the people, by applying the common sense of the man in the street. This has been sadly lacking in Rochdale Council, who lurch from crisis to crisis.

This negative image is harming the town.

On a personal level, I am a retired Science Teacher, married with 3 grown up children; and have lived in the Borough for the past 40 years.

I am a ‘Green Volunteer’, helping Rochdale Council Rangers with environmental work in the Rochdale area, including Springfield and Denehurst Park.

I endorse the Party's common sense approach to local Government:


  • Prioritising services for local people, including housing, education, health and social services. Local homes should be for local people and veterans first.
  • Moving government closer to the people– keeping decision-making local, including local control of planning decisions, retaining Green Spaces and preventing excessive housing development and wind farms
  • Keeping Council tax as low as possible whilst protecting local services. Cut highly paid council executives, not front line staff.

I would be honoured to represent Bamford and pledge to represent all constituents to the best of my ability.


Local Election 2016