Local Election 2016

James  Gartside

James Gartside

Conservative Party
Norden Ward

I am standing again in Norden and together with Councillors Mike Holly and Peter Winkler we hope to continue our team work for the Ward.

Fly tipping and litter is a constant drain on the Council’s resources, which means we all pay for these blights on the landscape. Nearly every week we ask the litter teams to collect something, and if anybody is caught it can be very expensive for them.

Potholes are another problem. The Conservatives set aside another £I million for these in our budget, which The Council accepted. Although it is less than needed it is better than would otherwise have been the case if the Conservatives hadn’t pushed for it.

The new bin system has taken a while to settle in and we have spent a lot of time trying to get it to work well for our Constituents. There are still a few problems but hopefully for most of us the problems are slowly being resolved.

There are many aspects to being a Councillor which makes it demanding but rewarding. Living in the Ward, being involved in the Ward, is a huge help in being able to be approached and to help quickly.

Whatever your problem please contact me. As a team we are here for you.

Best wishes
James Gartside

Local Election 2016