Local Election 2016

Derrick Drysdale

Liberal Democrat Party
North Heywood Ward

I'm pleased to be standing for the Liberal Democrats in this year's election.

My main concern is about the lack of influence that Heywood has on Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

Never before has Heywood been so irrelevant to a Rochdale-obsessed Council.

That's why I fully back our campaign to give the Heywood Township a stronger voice.

Who better to decide on funding priorities than the local councillors themselves?

The current crop are letting you down and if elected in May, I will fight tooth and nail to give Heywood the attention it deserves.

I want to ensure that Heywood has somebody on the Council speaking up for Heywood.

I want to be somebody who cleans up our filthy streets, someone who fill in our pot-holes and somebody who will put Heywood first!

Local Election 2016